2018 Kawasaki KX250F

2018 Kawasaki KX250F

Product #:KAW-18-KX250F


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For 2018 the KX250F has received a number of engine revisions resulting in increased power and torque and smoother delivery across the rev range. The chassis performance benefits from fined tuned suspension settings that deliver improved bump absorption and suspension action. The 2018 KX250F continuous to take MX2 to the next level.

Large-diameter brake discs

ø270 mm front disc delivers strong stopping power and excellent controllability. The factory-style front and rear petal brake discs also contribute to high-quality sporty looks.

Adjustable handlebar position

Upper triple clamp with two sets of handle mount slots and reversible handle mounts offers riders a choice of four handle positions to choose from: 25 mm FWD, 15 mm FWD, STD and 10 mm BK.

Race-ready front suspension

Super-hard titanium coating (unique in this class) protects the fork from wear abrasion. Self-lubricating alumite coating creates a hard, low-friction surface on the outer tube, protecting the aluminium surface and further reducing friction to promote smooth fork action.

249 cm3 liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Single with Dual Injectors

The use of the world’s first dual injectors for a production motocrosser is a key component of the KX250F’s highly acclaimed fuel-injected performance. Tuned for high performance, its high-revving character is complemented by superb response. Downdraft-style intake routing and reduced mechanical loss further elevate engine output.

Separate Function front Fork (SFF) Type 2

The SFF locates its damping assembly in the left fork tube and a spring in the right. ø48 mm fork tubes and works-style internal construction contribute to a planted feel at the front, increased damping performance and ride comfort, greater bottoming resistance, and increased stability when on the brakes or when landing jumps. For 2018, fine-tuned suspension settings deliver improved bump absorption and suspension action.

Factory-inspired tuning

One of the many features inspired by our factory racers, Kawasaki’s works-base bridged-box bottom piston is optimised for strength and lighter weight.

Slimmer, lighter aluminium perimeter frame

Aluminium perimeter frame is narrower across the main beams, and features revised rigidity contributing to greater front-end feel.

Launch Control Mode

The KX250F features a launch control system similar to that on our factory racers. With the simple press of a button, riders can activate a separate engine map designed to ensure efficient race starts in slippery conditions.

Adjustable footpeg position

Adjustable footpeg brackets enable riders to lower their footpeg position 5 mm. In the lower position, centre of gravity is lowered as is the rider’s point of view, adding to both physical and psychological stability.

Uni-Trak rear suspension

Linkage mounts below the swingarm for more precise suspension tuning. Dual compression adjustability offers a wide range of tuning options. Self-lubricating alumite coating on the tank cylinder improves wear resistance and shock action. The spring coil reduces weight while revised settings contribute to improved ride feel and increased rear-end feedback.

Slimmer, flatter rider interface

Minimalist bodywork includes slimmer radiator shrouds thanks orientation of the radiators, a flatter seat and tank, and smooth seamless design that make it easier for riders to move around.

Factory styling

Aggressive bodywork makes the bike look more compact and is complemented by factory-style design and Kawasaki’s in-mould graphics. Black alumite rims and fork guards together with green highlights create a distinctive Kawasaki identity.

Setting-adjustable motocross ECU

Lightweight ECU was designed specifically to withstand the rigors of motocross racing. ECU contains three engine maps (plus a fourth for Launch Control Mode). Settings for the three maps can be reprogrammed with the optional KX FI Calibration Kit.

FI Setting Data Selection

Using the provided FI couplers, riders can quickly and easily access their choice of three maps (standard, hard, soft) provided in the ECU.

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